Friday Night Fun!

Last night I stepped out of my comfort zone and headed up to one of the local pubs to catch up with some people I used to work with. I’ve been unwell on and off for a good 3 months and this past week or so have picked up and returned to my old self. I’m feeling so much better and stronger as each day passes and on Wednesday I drove up to the shops and had a couple of hours out and about all on my own. It is so good to see the old Tanya again.

Most Friday afternoons I’m settled in my front lounge room that I like to refer as my reception room. Now don’t think I’m too fancy but the ladies in Jane Austen’s time spent their days sitting in the reception room doing some craftwork while passing the time away in between receiving their visitors and drinking lots of cups of tea and nibbling on sweet treats. Over the past 20 months while I’ve been at home I’ve had lots of visitors in my reception room and shared many cups of tea and as to sweet treats well there have been so many yummy treats I could open my own sweet shop! Not to say anything about all the craftwork I have enjoyed doing while passing the time away.

I enjoy sitting in my reception room and I love the fact I am comfy and yet can see what is happening out in the street and what the weather is doing outside. My visitors are able to sit on the couch and take some time to slow down and share with me the stories about their lives. I love to listen to the latest family news catching up with all the gossip or travel stories. Traveling is one of my favourite things and any opportunity to talk about places I’ve visited is good for me.

Last night I broke my usual Friday afternoon routine and drove myself up to the pub to catch up with some work colleagues as one of them was heading off on long service leave. Just being out of the house was great but the freedom of driving myself was even better. Both my kids cheered me on and encouraged me as I told them I was heading to the pub. I went through the usual process of checking and rechecking my outfit. Even after losing so much weight I still go through the same routine each time I leave the house. I struggled with my shoes as I was so cold and so I dug out some boots, which haven’t been worn for nearly two years now. I dusted them off made sure there weren’t any spiders hiding inside before zipping them up over my stretch jeans. I’ve never worn boots over pants so felt slightly uncomfortable, yet my daughter assured me that it was the only way to wear boots!

I loved catching up with everyone and sadly there is never enough time to talk to each person in a group situation. They were all happy to sit and relax while enjoying a drink, because as teachers they are right in the middle of report writing season. For them it was regular Friday night drinks yet they had no idea how happy I was to be out and sitting in the middle of their lively and vibrant conversation. After three hours I left the pub feeling invigorated and so happy. I may not have won the local footy club’s Friday night raffle. Although a meat tray would be a great addition to the freezer I know I’d have trouble drinking all those free pots of beer, but for me I was the winner and had won something so much better than those prizes.



  1. Tricia

    Tanya, I really enjoyed this. So much joy to be found on the doorstep if you stop and look. And the reminder that we never know, or should underestimate the impact kindness can have, your colleagues would be unaware of the impact of their simply including you. I am so happy that you are well and back to yourself. I’m also not sure about the boots, but they look great on everyone else. X

    • The Tanya Times

      You are right Tricia, inclusion is a great value and it can make such a difference to people and is so simple and doesn’t cost anything as well! I think rather than try to successfully carry off the boot look, it might be easier to go and buy a pair of longer length jeans!

  2. Kerri

    Your reflection brought tears to my eyes my friend! It was fantastic seeing you out and about. Definitely great to see ‘the old Tanya!!’ XXX

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